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FAQs ::

1. How do I register?

Click on "Register Free" banner or "New User? Sign Up" link. A new page containing a form will open. Fill in the appropriate details and submit the form. Your password will be mailed at the email ID that you entered. Use your user ID and password to login further and proceed. You should change your password from "change Password" option on "my Profile" page through "Options" list.

2. How do I login?

Enter your user id and password in the login area on the home page. Then click on the Login button.

3. How do I search for a match?

You can search for a match by using the search box located on the left side of the home page or on the member's 'My Profile' page. You can select age and gender. For more specific searches with expanded location criteria, use Advanced Search.

4. How do I contact a Match?

There are several ways to contact a match. Each search result will display a list of potential matches. In each member's ad, there will be a link that says "Contact Now." Fill out the message form and press the "Send" button.

5. What is an Advanced Search?

Advanced Search allows you to specify a geographic preference for you matches. You can search for matches by city or country or any combination. If you have no preference, leave it blank and it will return results that include all as long as the results match the other criteria you set, such as age, gender, etc. That way you can search for someone in your city or country.

6. I was notified that another member sent me a message. How do I check it?

Login and then click on "My Mailbox" on "My Profile" page.

7. What browser is best to view this site, IE, Mozilla or Netscape?

IE is by far the better choice. A small number of Netscape or Mozilla firefox users may experience log in problems. If that occurs, we recommend using IE. But IE less than version 6 may encounter some technical problems. You can download IE for free at

8. What about privacy?

It is explained in detail in "Terms of Service" and "Disclaimer".

9. What are "My Favourites"?

Every profile has an "Add to My Favourites" link. This will put the selected profile in your favourites file which you can access any time through the My Profile page. It makes it easy to keep track of who you like.

10. How do I view "My Favorites?"

On the My Profile page, click on "My Favourites' List". You can view or delete your favourite listings.

11. How do I view my personal profile?

On the My Profile page, there is a "View My Profile" link. Click on that to view your current profile.

12. How do I update "My Profile?"

On the My Profile page, there are the links like "My Features", "My Criteria", My Interests" and "Upload/Remove Photo" on "Edit Profile" area. Use that to change your profile details such as your personal details, search criteria, interests, etc. Changes take place instantly. If you change your password, make sure to write it down in case you need to reference it. If you lose your password, click on the forgot password link on the login screen.

13. How do I upload my photo?

Go to the 'My Profile' page and select the "Upload Photo" link. Use the browse button to locate the picture file on your local computer. Then double click on the file, which must be a jpg or gif format and no larger than 500k. Once you have selected your photo, press the submit button and your listing will be updated instantly.

14. What if I forget my password?

Use the forgot password link on the login page.

15. Do I need to log out?

When you finish using the site, it's best to log out. That way when you start a fresh session, all the cookies in your browser will be new, which will help your browser function better.

16. How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account by sending an email to us.

17. Can I remove my profile temporarily?

If you want to temporarily remove your profile or restrict others to see your profile, go to My Profile page and click on "Remove Profile" option. It will remain in our database for one month and during this time whenever you wish to recover it, you just have to login and click on 'Recover Your Profile' and it will be back.

18. How do I contact

Every page has a 'Contact Us' link. Just click on it and a page will open with the information on how to contact us.

19. Is really free to join? is absolutely FREE to join as a matchmaking member, but for a limited period, as this opportunity is FREE for a limited period only. As a FREE Matchmaking MEMBER you can post your profile, browse profiles, send and receive messages, and add your favourite profiles to your favourites list. Certain activities on will require paid membership including but not limited to initiating contact or replying to messages and availing chat rooms after the formal announcement is made.

20. I keep seeing an error message when I try to register for the first time, what do I do?

Some users have reported trouble registering for the first time. This sometimes happens when the server is temporarily unavailable. On a small number of computers, the problem is actually with the browser. Cookies must be enabled.

21. I can't login; I wonder what's wrong?

Typically, when users are having trouble logging in, they are using the wrong username/password combination. If you are using a wrong password and are not able to recollect the password taken, you can use the "Forgot Password" link to recover your password. Clearing the browser cache can also be helpful, as well as rebooting the computer. Also check to make sure you are on Errors will also occur if the server temporarily disconnects, but this does not happen often. Your browser must have cookies enabled in order for you to use the site.

22. Can I see the profile of other users?

Yes. Simply click on the username of the person whose profile you intend to see and the profile will appear.

23. Can I invite someone on a private meetup or write directly to the person I wish to?

Yes. Click on the user's name on the user list and visit his/her profile. On that page there's a button named "Contact Now". Click on it and you can send a message or invitation direct to the user. A message will appear in the other user's mailbox only. The contacted person then replies you back either accepting or declining your invitation. The reply will come direct to your mailbox.

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