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How to deal if you are in love with your best friend

There are times when we befriend new people and find ourselves stucked in bizarre conditions where we either mistake friendship with love or love with friendship and lose a good friend or a love for whole life. Things sometimes turn uglier if we stuck in same situation with any of our colleague, old acquaintance or with our best friend itself.

However one can easily extricate between the two with some simple graduals and explore love & friendship right at their own places in lead wonderful relations;


1st Check

Firstly you need to create a self space in yourself and understand the nature of urge you feel for your friends or colleagues. You also need to figure out; do those urges put themselves in a friend’s shoe or a lover’s shoe and remember this itself is first and the main step, therefore apply ample of time to understand each feeling and every aspect of both of you, else you may interpret infatuation as love and experience a bad relation.


2nd Check

Now as you’ve grasped an idea of what you think of them, invest little more time and find why you want to think of them. Is it because ‘you feel comfortable with them’ or ‘you like the way they are’ or ‘you feel ogle towards them’. Don’t feel bad even if you feel a bit of physically intimacy towards them, after all sex is a natural thing, but carrying this intimacy in a respectful manner is a must. Also it may not only be love, but mood swings too, so handle them wisely and let things fall in right place.


3rd Check 

Apart from this, try to examine their body signs, their way to connect with you, and their way to care for you. If your friend or colleague keeps love interest in you, then he/she will always take care of what quality or stupidity you like in them and will try to repeat the same. They will also remember your likings or dis-likings and notice your minute details too, and will get a gleamy shine in their eyes whenever you are around them.

And there are chances of your friend or colleague having same ‘bubbly’ nature with others too, so be mindful and conclude each thing sensibly.


4th Check

As an old Saying says “Not Everybody Can Know Everything about Everything”, so it’s good if you determine something from their gestures, else you surely have to give some deep thoughts to further consequences before you communicate your feelings to them.

Try to ply their nature on yourself and see what reaction might occur, will they accept you and blossom the friendship to love!! or will they get angry on you for seeing them in that sense!! Or will they part their ways from you!!.

Nevertheless don’t expect only the best kitty in your jolly and prepare yourself to handle each situation tactfully, as political science says “You Cannot Predict Human Nature”.


5th Check

Even if your best friend or colleague accepts you as their love, still you have to prepare for other odd situations like; meeting the soul-mate image they have in their mind, as well as the responsibilities attached to them. Howbeit you may also be required to tune your friendship relation to a love relation, but you still have to keep that good old friend alive in yourself as many a times they would try to seek that old good friend in you who always stood beside them.

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Nice post, thank you for the information
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