How Mate4all Works? is an easy to use ,user friendly site -feature rich in exactly the areas you need. Once you log in, a plethora of possibilities open up.

The first thing to be done for for finding your dream date is to make a profile at Mate4all Be careful to mention your age and your interests. People are nearly always searching age-wise and and for people with similar interests. A brief description about yourself makes you even more popular. However , if you are funny , wacky ,have something called the attention grabber quotient in your profile, friends would flock in .

Writing a bit about the man or woman of your dreams is imperative. Try to make it as concise as possible without losing out the absolutely necessary qualities you would like to see in him /her. The smart thing to do is not only to mention the physical qualities but mental and emotional qualities too.

If you are the party going type, can you imagine being saddled with a morose introvert ? At,each member at is listed according to tags. These can be matched by you to get just the profile you desire. No more mismatches and misfits!

To make your profile irresistible, upload your own photo . Make sure , the picture is genuine and shows you in the best possible manner. You must try to show a happy face . Remember , your photograph will be thoroughly checked for obscenities . So desist from using any pictures that people would be embarrassed to find on your profile.

Show yourself in 4 different lights on You can upload not only your picture but an entire album of 4 images. So that your friends can see you in various shades. And you can choose better.

BLOCK, BLOCK ... You can block offensive mails. Just choose the relevant id's and put the block filter in place. Even if you no longer wish to display your profile publicly , you can block your profile. We guarantee, your privacy will be maintained.

All the material on is thoroughly checked for obscenity , porno or filth . All your pictures await Admin clearing before posting . There is an extensive screening of profiles too. Whenever you send an email it goes directly to Admin first. The Admin in turn, scans all the emails and forwards the mail to the users only when it is cleared in all respects.

Strict measures are in place to ensure that every profile posted is of genuine nature. Thorough scrutiny takes place of each profile . Only after checking and rechecking is it allowed to be posted.

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With all these inbuilt fabulous features, you would expect to be a paid site. Wrong! continues to be a free site and will always be so . All it takes is a desire to find your perfect. Register , log in , make a profile and you're are on your way!


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