10 secrets that men do not want their women to know

Ladies, your man has a secret we know, and you should know it too. Read here secrets that men do not want their women to know. 


Everybody has some mysterious secrets in their life. People are honest with their partners yet do not reveal everything about themselves in relationships. There are things in your life that you might want to keep to yourself, which is understood. Men might seem like sturdy partners in relationships, but they have fears too. Some men keep secrets to themselves to save their relationships. Most men have secrets that are their inner doubts, which they do not want to reveal in front of their women. Here we have listed ten secrets that men keep from their women. 


1. Partner's Past

Men might look tough on the outside, but they dread their women's past a lot. They worry about their partner's ex and her experience. They worry about being compared with their partner's ex. Also, they fear that the ex might come back to woo their partner. 


2. Opening up

The world is aware that men have been keeping their emotions to themselves. Men pretend to be tough and do not open up much about their feelings fearing society. They hide their fears perfectly and are rarely found panicking or expressing their thoughts openly. They maintain a calm appearance to maintain confidentiality. 


3. Insecurities about their looks

Most men are concerned about how they look, and they fear that drive-away all their women. The cosmetics industry has an equal share of makeup products for men as it does for women. Men are concerned about their physical appearance, but they never let it out in public especially, before the fairer sex. 


4. Money

Money is a big concern for most men. They do not want their women to know how much more or less money they have in their pockets or savings accounts. They do not like comparisons or judgments based on what they earn. 


5. Height 

Most men are concerned about their height and do not want their partner to be taller than them. Although, with changing times and trends, men have accepted that being shorter than their partner is no big deal. 


6. Insecure 

Men are insecure about other guys asking out their women and do not want them to know how insecure they feel. Some men find it attractive about their women, but other men feel alarmed. They become possessive of their partner, which sometimes affects their relationship. Although, they hide the reason behind their insecurity well. 


7. Small experiences

Men are excited about the small experiences in a relationship with women, but they fear to say it out loud. They enjoy cuddling, warm hugs, reading/ watching, showering, or cooking with their partner. However, they like to keep these little joys to themselves and do not share openly. 


8. Hair

Most of the men are afraid about their head and body hair, as women do. They have a fear of going bald with age and hide this concern from their partner. They use expensive products to keep their hair healthy and develop longevity. 


9. Diet

Do you know that men have customized diets that they do not want their women to know? Yes, men consult dieticians about their food and calories intake, and they would pretend like they do not. 


10. Relationships

Women think men do not like to talk about small things in relationships. However, it is the opposite in reality. Men affirm discussions about their relationship to their partner's concerns. Women have to figure out a way that makes their partners open up to them. 


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