20 interesting facts about haters you must know

Ever wondered why someone hates you, their emotions that ignite hatred towards you? Here are 20 interesting facts about haters that you must know. 


Who does not have a hater in their life? There are different types of haters you might know. Some haters hide the fact that they hate you and keep the bitterness to themselves. Some of the haters reveal their hatred, and you know that they despise you for several reasons. Sometimes haters keep trying to bring you down and give you the reasons to rise above them. Here are some interesting facts about haters you must know if you have some in your life.


1. You are above them

No matter what, haters are going to hate you. They try to bring you down at their level, but you are above them. People who hate you cannot see you doing well in life. Therefore, they do everything from spreading rumours about you to creating a malignant image in front of people who admire you. You cannot let them win in their ambition to put you down. Do not bother over their actions and keep moving in your life beyond them. 


2. Everyone has haters

Everyone at some point in their life has haters. Some hate your character, while others hate your progress. Even haters have people who hate them. It is for you to decide whether you want to break the hate chain or not. 


3. Haters make you feel like it is your fault

Maybe you did something for yourself, or you stood by your principles, and it makes a lot of people hate you. People tend to despise those who live life on their terms and not standards set by society. Therefore, they get together for a common cause to hate you. 


4. You can ignore them

Haters want to get inside your head and influence your decision in some or another way. Do not let the haters mess with your head, and you can ignore them to have the best out of your life. 


5. They break your heart

Haters are going to break your heart to hurt you. They are jealous of you and would try their best to bring you down. Making you feel less than others and constantly putting you in a questionable situation. Escape from them before they destroy you. 


6. Haters are in pain too

Therapists reveal that people who hate others suffer from inner pain and dissatisfaction in their life. They reflect that pain by causing harm to others. They become competitive to put you in a miserable position, and sometimes it works. By putting others down, they feel better about themselves. 


7. Haters are terrified people

Haters are the most fearful people because they constantly fear being exposed. They are terrified of the light you may put and reveal their behaviour. 


8. You need them

Haters are a way of reviewing what you are doing in life. They hate you because you are doing something right. The more successful you are, the more haters you get in life. 


9. Haters are busy

Haters are busy hating you and trying to bring you down. They are not going anywhere in life by being busy hating you. They are plotting ways to put you down. 


10. It’s not only you

Haters do not just hate one person. They hate a lot of other people too. They cannot help but hate others because it is the only emotion they carry within them. They become habitual of resentment towards others, and it becomes their sole purpose in life. Their hate transfers from person to person but never stops. 


11. They are not born haters

Haters are not born to hate you, and they also need love and other things to be happy. People who are unable to express their anguish and keep it to themselves become rude.


12. United by one cause

The people who hate you do not hate each other, and they join forces to hate you. They influence people who dislike one thing about you, and with hate stories, they end up hating you completely. Similarly to what happens in movies, haters flock together to bring the protagonist down as he gains popularity. 


13. Let it hurt

Do not engage with haters and fight them. Let them hurt you through hate as it makes you stronger. However, define your limits and take their hatred in positive spirits. 


14. Hate is all they have got

Haters are people who have run out of options for a purpose in their life. They lack events of rejoicing, engagements or challenges. And hating you and others help them move on in their life. 


15. It is okay 

It is okay for you to have haters and good for them to have a purpose in life. 


16. You created haters for yourself

It might be you who did something that made people hate you. After your actions, people must have compared them with you or demanded similar performances from them too, which eventually they could not fulfil. Now, they hate you because you raised the bar high. 


17. Let them tell you what to do hypothetically 

When you get bothered by your haters, it is okay to sit back and ask what they want. You might get things right by searching for your hater objectives.


18. They establish your profile

Haters make you what you become as they keep trying to control your success. They conspire against you with their networks. However, you can gain out of their efforts as you gain the limelight. 


19. They are ashamed

As haters realise you are better than them, they despise you. They are ashamed of themselves because they could not stop you from becoming better. They have self-doubts and constant pressure to do better than you once every plan to pull you down fails. 


20. World is watching

The whole world is watching the haters do their thing. Yes, in the beginning, they might disguise themselves as a good person, but when the truth about them is out, everyone knows. However, it is your fight to prove yourself innocent of allegations put in your way by haters. 


Written by - Sarfraz

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