Privacy Policy

Does procure or trace any of my information?
Mate4all is not an information tracking site, it's exclusively a 100% free social networking website whose onliest rightful intention is to help find you a true soul-mate or likeminded personals for friendship, Matrimonial, a serious or a casual relationship with its manually examined 99% spam free personals data base. The only time Mate4all oblige personal information is when a new user fill its registration form, over and above that too only requires an authentic E-mail ID, D.O.B, Country - State - City and Sexuality and rest optional information's like Contact Details, Physical Statistics, Occupation, Religion, Income Range, Lifestyle and Interests.

* Miscellaneous:

User IP address is one such information that Mate4alls spam control team traces automatically about new and existing users, but this all is done in order to protect your personal information and other related data from the spammers who might misuse our site to spam you. Besides that an IP address cannot be and is not used to identify any individual user by

Can I define who can view my Mate4all profile? Is all my information safe and secure on!
Mate4all is a 100% free social networking website, so you don't need to worry about your credit/debit card details, and at we care for every user's identity as we care for ours, so when a new user registers with us he/she gets two options to either set their profile as public or private.

Public- It's an account type where your profile is bound to be viewed by the site visitors, who also are seeking alike personals. However these visitors cannot contact you directly, in order to contact you they need to register or login to their Mate4all account.

Private- It's an account type where only registered users can browse through your personals profile, they can contact you directly and flip through your photo album as well.

Apart from this, as a Mate4all user you also get an additional privilege to hide your contact details both publically and privately. Also you may set your album photos to private or let only registered users see the same.

If you still keep any security concern at Mate4all, feel free to contact us Mate4all Support Team

Does share any of my information with anybody for any personal gains/interests?
As we said above, we care for each and every user associated to Mate4all as we care for ourselves; hence in over a decade working history of Mate4all it never shared, rented, traded or sold any sort of its user information to any third party for any personal gains or interest, but Mate4all reserves the right to use your E-mail ID/Phone Number for marketing and promotional purposes.

Does Mate4all use cookies? do uses cookies to track logged in users, auto-fill your password and to provide specific customized content in regards to your personal preferences. Please note that Mate4all never use cookies to procure or trace any kind of user personal information's, as it's against its privacy policy. To brief more, a cookie is a message or a segment of data that helps a site recognize repeat users, help facilitate the user access and provide them with the desired content, it also helps site to make improvements as per the user's needs.

Does have any guidelines for user updated text and graphic contents? do follow some basic guidelines for user updated text and graphic contents which can be briefed at terms, but rest apart it keeps very broadminded perspective in regards to its members and thus provides them with plentiful of options to express themselves, their taste, their likes - dislikes, their passion and additionally sketch some likings and disliking about their 'to be' partner as well. The users are always free to update/edit their profile, likings etc in an unblemished manner.

Does provide any 'E-mail by Choice' or 'E-mail Drop-Out' facility?
The Mate4all users are always free to either receive intimation mails (of friendship, testimonial approval, personal message etc) to their registered E-mail ID when other users message them or simply withdraw from the same anytime. never impels any of its user to receive mails for any reason, except for promotional or birthday greetings.

What if Mate4all changes or modify its privacy policy?
For any chanced reason, if changes or modify its privacy policy, it will be soon be drawn to attention at the website.

For any reason if your privy details are used by Mate4all for a reason not cited above, then you shall be acknowledged by an urgent E-mail. A disapproval power will also be bestowed to you and you may address your concerns to Mate4all anytime for the same.

How to communicate with supports team?
If you cater any query regarding Mate4all's privacy policy or have some feedback/issue on website or counter any misconduct by any user, then you may contact Mate4all's support team @ Mate4all Support Team.