5 reasons why you are not breaking up with your toxic relations

Moving away from a toxic relationship is tough due to some reasons. Here are five main reasons why some people stay in toxic relationships.

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We all are in a toxic relationship at some point in our lives. You may not even know it, but your current relationship might be a toxic one at some level. When toxicity in a relationship through the highs and lows becomes intolerable, it is time to decide and leave. However, parting away from a toxic relationship is not as easy as it seems. In this article, we discuss five reasons why people stay in unhealthy relationships. 


Scared of being lonely

The first and foremost reason for people staying in a toxic relationship is fear of loneliness. Commonly, people in unhealthy relationships choose to stay because they do not want to end up alone and vulnerable. They fear living in a social circle without a companion. It happens because the toxic partner demoralises them into believing that they do not deserve better. They feel that love from their toxic partner is all that they can get for themselves.  


Having low self-esteem

Low self-esteem is the worst thing for a person. A person with low self-esteem would stay in an unhealthy relationship because of everything that goes wrong, and they think it is their fault. Low self-esteem also makes people think about what they bring to the relationship. It is a huge burden for them to make things right even though it is a toxic relationship. 


Feeling responsible

Most people stay in a toxic or unhealthy relationship because they think their partner needs them. Whenever anything goes wrong in the relationship, they feel it is their fault. In situations like fights or unpleasant moments, the abuser will make the other person feel guilty about it. Moreover, their toxic partner manipulates them and cries about how they make them feel. Hence, one feels responsible for their partner's behaviour and insecurities in the relationship.


Hoping for better times  

The one who suffers in a toxic or unhealthy relationship keeps believing that things might change in the future. They love their partner, and no matter what, they hope for things to get better someday. Sometimes they feel responsible for making things right and strain their energy in the hope of making their relationship alright.


Afraid of rejection

Many people keep on adjusting to unhealthy relationships because of their fear of rejection. They feel if they move out of this relationship, then the next might be more toxic. They constantly worry about being accepted. After all, they were continuously questioned, blamed and exploited for everything. Now, they have lost any strength to look forward to good things in life.  


The trauma of toxic relationships, whether yours or your parents,  can be devastating. You need to hold yourself together and move away from any toxicity in your life. You deserve happiness and love, be it loving yourself first. 


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